St. Patrick’s Day!

Mar 20, 2019

Because St. Patrick’s Day was on a Sunday this year, we celebrated the day last Friday, the 15th!

All of our friends came in to school so excited for our St. Patrick’s Day celebration. We were all wearing green and were buzzing with anticipation of finally catching a leprechaun! We started off the day with a puppet show, which is a favorite around here! Everyone loves it when the Puppet Players come to visit! After the show, each class had a party with treats, activities and games, and an art project!

The most exciting part about this holiday at Blooming Minds is making a trap to catch the leprechaun that visits us every year! All of our classes came up with a way to trap him, and then went outside to try to find him before he finds them. But after no luck, they returned to their classrooms to find it ransacked and footprints all over! All of our friends were so shocked to see their classrooms in disarray and a big mess! They weren’t able to catch that mischievous leprechaun, but at least he left a trail of treats to a pile of gold in their classrooms!


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