Sickness Prevention at School

Mar 1, 2019

It has been quite a whirlwind of a month for us at Blooming Minds! Unfortunately a lot of our friends came down with some sicknesses going around. We have been very diligent at sanitizing and keeping our school germ free, but we also know that we can only do so much! We wanted to touch on a few things to help keep our friends safe from sicknesses at school and at home.

Montessori is all about choices and independence. We encourage this in each of our classes and our friends are thriving in the environment! The teachers at BMM have talked to our friends about our health and how sometimes we can spread germs to others, but we can choose to stay clean and be respectful towards others to minimize that. Some things we have implemented at school and encourage to be done at home are the following:

  • Washing Hands Frequently: This is the best way to ensure germs aren’t being spread in our classrooms. We always have friends wash their hands after using the bathroom, at the very least use hand sanitizer before each snack, and wash with soap and water before lunch. We are also encouraging friends to wash their hands after blowing noses or sneezing.
  • Keeping Items/Hands Out of Mouths: Something that can be a little challenging, especially with our younger friends, is keeping our toys and works out of mouths. Our teachers at BMM are always watching for it and helping friends remember to not put them in our mouths. We have discussed as a team to sanitize these items as soon as we see it to help minimize the spreading of germs. We also remind our friends that our hands don’t belong in our mouths, and have them wash when we notice it.
  • Sanitizing Often: We do a deep sanitizing of everything in our classrooms once a week, with cleaning and sanitizing daily used items each day. Keeping our environments clean and sanitized is important so germs aren’t lingering and waiting for someone else to catch.

With a new month underway and our work towards keeping our school safe for our students, we encourage parents to do these things at home as well! We are all so excited for spring to come and to get rid of this winter!


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