It’s Spring!!

Apr 4, 2019

We cannot believe it is already April! This school year is going by so fast. Here is a little update on what’s happening at Blooming Minds!

Our students have loved being able to be outside more so far this week. It’s been cloudy and a little rainy, but we know that means the warmer temperatures are on their way! When the sun is out, all of our classes take full advantage of it and love to play!

With it finally getting warmer and the seasons are in transition, we know allergies are starting to spark up, and we are diligently wiping noses and making sure our friends are washing their little hands often! Our students’ health is a priority for us here at school. Also, with using more tissues and hand sanitizer, we are always appreciative of any and all donations!

Each of our classes have been having great work and circle times. Our friends are learning so much! We have really enjoyed seeing their development and when concepts “click” for them. In the Daffodils class in particular, the busy littles are focused and are enjoying the time they have to explore. Circle time is going so smoothly and they are loving all the songs Ms. Abby and Ms. Julie are teaching them. In our Sunflowers class, Ms. Megan is leading circle time and has been focusing a lot on our world and the different places therein. Her friends know all of the continents and love to hear about all these places! It’s a great segue for our summer camp program theme, which is World Explorers!

Something that has become a popular point of conversation are the tulips that have begun to bloom in our garden boxes on our playground! Our friends noticed them right away and love looking at them. Our teachers have enjoyed showing their friends the different parts of the flowers and their pretty colors.

To sum up, we are all just really excited that spring is finally here! It’s such a great, fresh transition of seasons and gives everyone a boost of energy!

Be sure to keep a look out for upcoming events such as our Spring Branches Event and Graduation!


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