Hoppy Easter!

Apr 22, 2019

We hope everyone has had a great spring break this past week! We can’t believe we are already getting towards the end stretch of our school year! Keep a look out for announcements of some upcoming events!

Before we left on break, we had our Easter parties and egg hunt. All of our friends came to school so excited! Each class had a party with fun movement activities, crafts, games, and some of our older classes watched an Easter-themed show! Our Sunflowers class got to dye eggs as well. Everyone had so much fun and were very busy.

Of course, the favorite activity for all of our classes was the egg hunt! Due to the weather we could not be outside, but we had our Sunflowers, Wildflowers, and Daffodils classes each visit another while the eggs were hidden and dispersed throughout the classrooms. Upon arriving back into the classrooms, our friends excitedly hurried and found all of the eggs! Our Dandelions and Daisies classes got to explore the Easter eggs and open them up to find surprises and loved it!

We are so excited for what the end of our school year has to bring! We are focused as ever to help our friends develop and grow as much as we can! We are excited to see everyone tomorrow for our first day back from break!


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