April’s Teacher of the Month!

Apr 12, 2019

Each month at BMM, our team votes and selects a teacher to be recognized for their hard work at school! This month, our staff voted for Ms. Nicole. She is the co-teacher in our Dandelion class. Here is a little bit about her!

Ms. Nicole is 20 years old and was born in American Fork, Utah. She grew up in Eagle Mountain, then in 2016 she graduated from Westlake High School. In her free time Nicole loves spending time with her family, her boyfriend and his sweet 5 year old daughter!

Her love of watching children grow and helping them to become more dependent makes her one of our most happy and dedicated teachers! Nicole first joined BMM in August 2017, then after taking a short break she joined our team in December 2019.

We give each of our teachers of the month a questionnaire so we can get to know them better! Ms. Nicole’s favorite drink is Coke, favorite color is green, and her dream vacation spot is Greece. A hobby of hers is doing make-up, and her favorite shows are Friends and the Office.

We enjoy working with Ms. Nicole—she is reliable and is so kind and loving to her friends. She has a great work ethic and is committed to helping her friends grow and develop to their best capacity. Ms. Nicole is very loved by her class and co-workers! She is very deserving of our teacher of the month recognition!


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