Current Openings

Infants (8 months or under on Sept 1, 2021)

·      FULL

Threes (between 3-3 ½ on Sept 1)

·      FULL

Ones (between 12-18 months on Sept 1, 2021)

·      FULL

Fours & Fives (must be 4 or turn 5 after Sept 1)

·      FULL

Twos (between 2-2 ½ on Sept 1)

·      FULL

Kindergarten (turns 5 by Sept 2)

·      FULL

Attention we are currently full for all classes

Enrollment Process

Steps to enroll your child:

BMM’s email address: [email protected]

BMM’s phone #:



Watch the virtual tours or schedule a walking tour.

We do not do “drop in” tours, please call, email, or schedule a tour from here. Tours last for about 30 minutes. You are welcome to bring your child(ren) to the tour. You will receive an Information Packet during the tour that will have tuition rates, school policies & procedures, teacher/class information, and other info for you to review.


Information Packet.

After your tour, we encourage you to go home and look over the Information Packet. We want to make sure you know all that you need to know before you enroll. If you feel confident and wish to enroll right after your tour, we will do the next steps at that time.


Registration fee.

If you decide to enroll, fees are due at the time of enrollment. There is a $100 registration fee, $100 material fee, and a $75 activity fee. If you need us to hold your child’s spot for longer than 1 week after enrollment, you will have to pay the 1st month of tuition. Otherwise, monthly tuition will be due by the 15th of the month your student starts in. We accept payments through Venmo, check, or via the Brightwheel App.


Enrollment Form.

Click here for the enrollment form and submit it within 24 hours of paying the fees.



We will need a certified copy of your child’s current immunizations before their start date. BMM does not have a fax machine, but most Dr. Offices can email a copy of them to us.



Blooming Minds breaks tuition down by multiplying the daily rate by the total amount of school days (subtracting our closed days) and divides that into twelve equal monthly payments. BMM is completely closed for 18 days throughout the 12-month year (listed in red on the annual calendar). We are also closed for but offer childcare (listed in yellow on the annual calendar) for 12 days. Childcare days cost $30 per day ($25 for siblings) and parents can sign up in advance for this service. Both closed and childcare days are subtracted out of the monthly tuition, so you are not charged for the days Blooming Minds is closed.

Payments are due the 1st and late after the 15th, we accept payment via the Brightwheel App, check, or Venmo.